The Motorcycle Men

The Motorcycle Men are brothers, no really, they are brothers and they love riding and they are riders with a love of the ride.  These three brothers and a close friend have gotten together to share with you their exploits of the road, the roads, the people, the destinations and everything that goes along with it. These boys would like to take you along on the trip.... just keep in mind that there's a good chance there will be food involved. You can also expect a high level of brotherly silliness and foul language at times and then again, you may catch a really good interview with an author, a traveler, a manufacturer or someone with a good story.  So every two weeks, you can catch all the boys together in the "V-Twin Cafe" or, on the weeks in between, a one-on-one host interview with someone from the world of motorcycling. The Motorcycle Men.... we say stupid crap so you don't have to.

Host - Ted "Wrongway"

Ted Kettler - Host

A.K.A: Wrongway

He Said: Finances dictate actions, I want a Roadster, We say stupid crap so you don't have to.

About: Ex-Navy 1977-1982, served in Guantanamo Bay Cuba (when it was a real military base) and Keflavik Iceland (when it was a real working NATO base), rode my first bike in the early 70's on dirt in good church clothes, got my first bike, Suzuki TC-125, when I was in Guantanamo. Piece of crap that I sold 4 months after I got it.. Got my actual endorsement in 1986. Didn't ride or get another motorcycle until 2004. Bartered my time for 18 months working part time and got a 1994 Harley Davidson XL883 with 1600 miles on it for nothing but my time. Owned it for 10 years and sold it with 16,000 miles. I regret selling it. Been in and out of bands since the 70's, mostly hard rock or metal bands. Started a Mellencamp Tribute band in 2000 with my brother Tim and pulled the plug on that in the fall of 2020. Got my 2003 HD Heritage Classic in 2014 just before Christmas and that's my current, and only ride. Produced a 12" dance single in the 80's, don't ask. Release a solo CD in 2013 entitled "Fly" available on Amazon. Written 4 screenplays, sold none. Have two books in progress, not related to motorcycling, that's coming. My wife and I own a farm in upstate NY, I'm an avid cyclist, we have 3 dogs, 2 cats. Between March and September we are wildlife rehabilitators and often have raccoons, squirrels, skunks, opposums and other critters in our house. I'm a gamer and can be found playing PUBG very badly with my brothers. I record my music when I have a spare 30 seconds. I'm an AutoCAD Professional by trade and have been doing that since 1984 and I especially enjoy creating 3D environments. Currently lives in Shallotte, North Carolina with his wife, 3 dogs and 2 cats.

Gear: Tobacco Motorwear Riding Jeans/California Riding Shirt/Wasteland Vest/Roper Gloves, UClear Digital Motion 4 Lite Headset Communication, Scorpion Helmets, Shinko Tires, Wild-Ass Seat Cushion, First Gear Thermo Suit, Flambeau Heated Socks, Milwaukee Chaps and Vest, Road ID, Techmount Phone Mount, Garmin Zumo GPS, First Gear TPS Gloves, First Gear Tank Bag, First Gear Trunk Bag, Viking Bags Tour Pack, Harley Davidson Ride App, Snyders Sourdough Pretzels, Hot Tea, Microsoft Surface Studio Laptop

2003 Harley Davidson 100th Anniversary Heritage Classic
2003 Harley Davidson 100th Anniversary Sportster XL1200C

Co-Host - Tim "Buktu"

Tim - Co-Host

A.K.A: Buktu

He Said: I'm so tired, Ride like nobody see's you

Worked for Disney film depot back in the 80's. Got first guitar as a Christmas present from Ted, been playing ever since. Was in a couple of bands with Ted and now was the Lead Guitar player for "Human Wheels", a Mellencamp Tribute band until they stopped that after 20 years. Started riding a scooter around 2010, some cheap Chinese model that had continual issues. He rode that for a long time and got his endorsement in 2015. Then he got a Yamaha VStar 650 and had that for a couple of years then he got a 2002 Harley Davidson Electra Glide Classic. Sold it in 2018. Got a 2008 Harley Davidson Heritage Classic Police Edition. Sold that a couple years later. Been working in the post office for the better part of 30 years and retired. His son is a police officer in Dallas, Texas. Currently lives in Shallotte, North Carolina with his wife, dog and cat.

2016 Harley Davidson Heritage Classic


Co-Host - Chris "Joker"

Chris - Co-Host

A.K.A - Joker, Nipples, 12-year old

Favorite Phrase: Go F**k yourself, Gay, Touch your nipples

Computer nerd. Got into computers and gaming a lot time ago and now can be found playing Elder Scrolls or PUBG regularly with my brothers. Started riding dirt bikes with my cousins in the Jersey Pine Barrens in the 80's. Owned a Ford Ranchero, loved that car. Lived in Arkansas for a short time. Played drums in a metal band in the 80's and then in the Mellencamp Tribute band with my brothers in the early 2000's. I always wanted a motorcycle, then I saw Terminator II and fell in love with the Fat Boy (not Arnold). Got my endorsement in 2015 on a Scooter. My family pitched in a got me a 1995 Yamaha Virago and rode the crap out of it. It developed a transmission problem and the mechanic I took it to destroyed it and never put it back together before he went out of business. I hang out with friends at the Crossroads in Garwood. I also hang with the brothers when I can and I visit mom everyday. Currently living in the horsey house in Westfield, NJ.

2002 Harley Davidson Fat Boy

Justin - Co-Host

A.K.A: Shoes

He Said: I have nothing to say.

Used to work at Bergen Harley Davidson, now he plays with pipes. When he's not working, he goes to his "in the middle of no where" cabin in upstate New York and plays his guitar, drinks, sits around the campfire with his woman and his friends. Currently lives in Roselle Park with his girlfriend and cats.

2011 Harley Davidson Road King