Episode 69 - Dave Masse from the scooter blog "Life on Two Wheels" 

Hello boys and girls... yet again, the Motorcycle Men come to you with another fantastic episode!!

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For those of you who dig Scooters... this is the podcast for you. Dave runs a blog called "Life on Two Wheels" and it's about his miles on a Vespa and his Vespadventures... see what I did there? Vespa / Adventures.... ha!!

Anyway... Dave had a lot of great great stories and if you were ever Scooter Curious, you owe it to yourself to check out his blog. LIFE ON TWO
 also while you are at it... check out VESPA and see what Dave rides.

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More than anything, we want to thank you for listening and for being the most bestest coolest fans out there!!  You rock!!

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