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Episode 365 - Interview with Author Nick Adams

Hello Boys and Girls,

In this episode I have a chat with Author Nick Adams. Nick is here today to tell us about his new book “Adventures on Borrowed Time” as well as some of the adventures in the book. 

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Episode 357 - Interview with Zee of Bunk-A-Biker

Hello Boys and Girls,

In this episode I interview Zee Traveler of Bunk-A-Biker. Zee has been on the show before to talk about her travels but in this interview she tells us all about a little known option for traveling…

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Teaming up with Viking Bags!!

Hello boys and Girls….

Just a little note to let you know that…..


We're excited to be working with Viking Bags to try out their products!

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Episode 354 - Itchy Tourette's Lady in a Lake

Hello boys and Girls,

In this show…

  1. News and Stuff
    1. Iron Butt Rally is on
    2. Harley Davidson Releases the X440 in India
    3. Harley Introduces the HD Membership program
  2. Weekly podcast stuff
  3. Steve Krugman Joins us for Motorcycle Men Jeopardy


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Episode 351 - Interview with Author Steve Krugman

Hello Boys and Girls, 

In today's interview I have a chat Author Steve Krugman who tells us about his new book “The Craft and Art of Motorcycling”. Having trained thousands of riders including high-profile actors, musicians and athletes, Steve gives…

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Episode 346 - Interview with Bob Kelly

Hello Boys and Girls, 

In today's interview I have a chat with Bob Kelly. He runs the Colorado Vintage Motorcycle Show and has some great stories to tell…. especially from the Mecum auctions.




Special Thanks to our Sponsors: 


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