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Episode 392 - Myrtle Beach Bike Week and Some Snoring

Hello Boys and Girls,

In this episode we talk about:

  • National Days
  • Stats
  • Worst Road Conditions in USA
  • Motorcycle Rider Foundation trying to safe the internal combustion engine
  • Americade Stuff
  • Woody II heading overseas
  • Fanmail

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Episode 389 - It's Rally Season

Hello Goys and Birls,

In this episode, we talk more about those two wheeled things… you know… Motorcycles. As we should.

  1. National Days
  2. Podcast Stuff
  3. Rally Season
    1. Myrtle Beach
    2. Americade
    3. Laconia
    4. Sturgis
    5. Biketoberfest
    6. and more…..


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Episode 376 - Interview with Artist David Uhl

Hello Boys and Girls!!!

In this episode I interview Artist David Uhl. David is a master at capturing the motorcycle spirit on canvas and other means. David's work is amazing and if you haven't seen what he does, you owe

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